• Valakas
  • Valakas is the second dragon to make an appearance in Lineage II and one of the first ancient dragon children of Shilen. Valakas inhabits a volcanic terrain in Goddard known as the Forge of the Gods. Fearing Gran Kain, who watches over humans, he unleashes the wrath of fire at human trespassers who venture into his territory.

  • Eilhalder Von Hellman
  • After the end of the Aden-Elmore war, the Von Hellman family conspired and rebelled against the king of Elmore. The king ordered the ruin and execution of all members of the family, but they would have their revenge. Eilhalder Von Hellman, like the other members of his family, was resurrected as a vampire and now resides in the Cursed Village.

  • Vanor Silenos and Ketra Orcs
  • Varka Silenos Outpost, located west of Goddard Castle Town, is home to the brightest and the most accomplished Silenos soldiers. An intelligent and structured society, the Varka Silenos tribe is seeking to expend their territory. However, savage Orcs are fighting against them for control of the area.

    Ketra Orcs dwell at Ketra Orc Outpost, located north of Goddard Castle Town. Considered the most dangerous tribe among the Orc tribes, the competitive and combative Ketra Orcs are also excellent strategists.