Bartz is a Paladin of the Lamb's Heart, Oren's noble family. He has a passionate heart, willing to risk his life for a trusted cause. He sincerely believes that all should unite their strength to fight against injustice for a better world. He joined the Knights of the Cathedral, part of the Einhasad Temple, eventually facing expulsion for refusing to retreat during battle. However, Cardinal Seresin ordered him to serve guard duty rather than leave their ranks. Bartz began his journey, visiting kingdoms with the Cardinal. While visiting many villages, he learned that the Order's priests were having premonitions of an ominous future. He realized that his guard duty had much more significant meaning.
Sieghardt is a Dark Avenger who burns with a quiet but persistent desire for revenge. In the past, he was an aristocrat from Rune. At a young age, he was duly selected captain of the Knight of the Golden Fleece. However, because of the conspiracy of a political enemy, the Knights of the Golden Fleece were dissolved. His entire family was assassinated, but was able to escape alive, thanks to the sacrifice of his loyal troops. Tormented by the humiliation he suffered at his enemy's hands, he secretly joined a group of mercenaries. However, his years of natural leadership became obvious over time and he became captain of the mercenary troop. When he met Orim the Shadow in Giran, Sieghardt finally obtained the power needed to fulfill his desire for revenge…
Kain is a Gladiator who turned his back on his life as an Elmore aristocrat, a life that involved constant scheming and conspiracy. He started his journey as a wanderer and continues to train himself in the art of swordsmanship. He had once received swordsmanship training and therefore had felt confident about his mastery of the sword. However, after he was defeated by an unknown swordsman, he had to reconsider his "forte." He made a firm resolution that if he ever finds the unknown swordsman again, he is determined to win this time. For this sole purpose, he has been devoting himself to swordsmanship training day and night. Currently, he is traveling in Aden kingdom to accomplish the "Conquest of the Continent," one of the tasks of the "Training of a Swordsman."
Lionna is a female Warlord who is led by fate, advancing arduously towards the path of a Lord. From a merchant's family in Innadril, she had a childhood dream that foretold she would become a Lord. She was condemned of treason for revealing her dreams. Lionel Hunter, the Lord of Innadril, had a premonition of Lionna's fate and pardoned her, adopting the child as his goddaughter. Following Lionel's recommendation, she traveled to Goddard, where she met an underling of Valakas, the Fire Dragon. Preparing for the approaching epoch of chaos, Lionna continues her journey, gathering a force of those who share her beliefs…
From an insignificant aristocratic family in Rune, Erica is a peculiar young woman who works as a Treasure Hunter. Her parents were poisoned and her sister became a companion of an aristocrat. Disguising herself as a man she became a professional thief, surviving in back streets near Hunters Village. She learned of Sieghardt's identity and quietly follows his orders… for now.
Gustin is a melancholic Hawkeye who came from the Hunters Village in the territory of Aden. At just age five, dying of hunger and disease in a back alley of Aden Castle Town, he was rescued and provided for by Franz. Gustin has no apparent purpose in his life, other than his desire to follow Franz, believing his soul will somehow be saved from terrible nothingness. He watches over Shikken, who pursues Frikios and Teon.
Devianne is a Sorceress who received formal training at the Ivory Tower. She applies strict principles in everything, believing it is possible to resolve any problem rationally. However, she often has problems with many simple matters requiring common sense. She happened upon Bard Rukal, who debated with her over magic and philosophy. Against Rukal, she was forced to realize the limitations of the education she had received in the Ivory Tower. She embarked on a journey to learn about the ways of the world. Still relying on the knowledge of books over intuition, Devianne searches frantically for the Scripture of Knowledge.
Hindemith is a Necromancer who was specially trained by Hardin, who went on to found Hardin's Academy. When Hindemith learned that his master was involved in various political conspiracies under the name of Einhovant, he decided to take leave of Hardin. With no understanding of Hardin's covert past, Hindemith is blindly obsessed with the desire to win recognition beyond that of his master. Hindemith earned the friendship of Tarziph by saving his life against an attack by Core.
Teon is a Warlock who often conspires with evil spirits of the otherworld. Little is known of his origin, but he crossed the south sea before his arrival. He earned the title "Wiseman's Judgment" because he possesses a vast well of knowledge. After meeting with Franz at the Temple of Einhasad, Teon pursued Frikios with the aid of Shikken, a Shillien Knight. Franz detected Teon's darker side, while Teon was likewise aware of Franz's hidden agenda. Although Franz expects him to steal Kaysha's Revelations, this suspicious mystic seems to harbor much deeper intentions.
A bishop who belongs to the Temple of Einhasad in Giran, Franz was born into a merchant’s family. At the age of six, he received the “Revelation of Shining Existence.” He joined the Temple to follow the enlightened path of a clergyman. After demonstrating extraordinary faith and passion, he was ordained as a bishop at a young age. Since then, he has performed many miracles such as reviving dead soldiers who were slain in battle. Currently, he is leading a religious cult called “Shining Dawn” that forces people to make martyr-like sacrifices. People whisper that behind his benevolent smile, Franz is hiding many secrets.