The world fell into great turmoil following the sudden disappearance of the giants. Accustomed to the rule of the giants, the elves, orcs, dwarves and humans were faced with the harsh reality of fending for themselves. On top of this frightening new change, the world in which they lived lay ravaged with the strike of the Hammer of Despair. Many died during the disasters wrought by Einhasad, and many more died in the ensuing confusion and chaos. The races of the earth pleaded fervently to the gods for salvation, but the gods did not answer.

First to take control of the situation were the elves, as they were the race responsible for politics during the time of the giants. The elves were successful in unifying the races and continued on with their lives. But as time passed, it became apparent that the elves did not have the same capabilities to rule that the giants had. The first to stand against the elves were the orcs.

"Are the elves stronger than we? No! Do the elves have the right to rule over us? No! We cannot bear that those who are weaker than we dare to stand above us!"

The military might of the orcs was powerful and, having lived only in peace, the elves were no match for the proud and fearless orcs. The majority of the land became orc territory in an instant and the elves were driven to a corner of the continent. There the elves sought aid from the dwarves who, with their great wealth and superior weapons, would stand a chance against the orcs.

"Race of the earth," the elves cried, "Come to our aid. The violent orc hordes persecute us with their sheer might. Come -- let us fight them together."

But the dwarves coldly refused to aid the elves. To their eyes, the world had turned in favor of the orcs. There was no reason for the pragmatic dwarves to side with the weak. The elves were enraged, but could not sway their decision.

The elves decided to seek help from the race of the wind - the arteias. Their reconnaissance skills and aerial attacks would be sufficient aid for the elves to triumph over the orcs. An elven delegation traveled to the ends of the earth to seek the help of the arteias.

"Race of the wind, come to our aid! The barbarian orcs are oppressing us with their sheer might. Let us join together and teach them their foolishness!"

But, as always, the arteias were not interested in the politics or wars of the earth. They determined to take neither side and hid themselves deeper in the inlands. The elves despaired.

"Alas, no one will aid us! Is this the end of our kind? Are the filthy orcs to take over the lands and claim every glory and wealth as their own?"