• Enchanting weapons and armor now has a better chance for success.
    • The probability for success has been doubled when using a scroll of enchant weapon on an enchantment level of three or higher.
    • The enchant effect has been tripled when using a scroll of enchant armor successfully on an enchantment of level three or higher.
    • When successfully crystallizing an enchanted item of level four or higher, the quantity of additional crystals has been doubled. This increase also applies when receiving crystals from an unsuccessful enchant.
    *These rules are applied retroactively to already existing enchanted items.
  • The number of soul shots and the MP used by bows have been changed.

Name Grade Soul Shot Before Soul Shot Now MP Before MP Now
Hunting Bow None 4 6 2 2
Forest Bow None 4 7 3 3
Composition Bow None 4 7 4 3
Strengthened Bow D 4 6 4 4
Long Bow D 4 6 5 5
Elven Bow D 4 6 5 5
Dark Elven Bow D 4 6 5 5
Gastraphetes D 4 8 5 5
Strengthened Long Bow D 7 10 7 6
Light Crossbow D 7 10 7 6
Crystallized Ice Bow C 4 8 8 7
Crossbow C 4 8 8 8
Akat Long Bow C 7 9 9 8
Elven Bow of Nobility C 4 8 8 8
Eminence Bow C 9 10 10 9
Neti’s Bow None 4 6 3 3
Guard’s Bow None 4 7 3 3
Crescent Moon Bow None 4 6 2 2

  • The types of bows have been categorized into ordinary bows and long bows. The difference between the two is that long bows have a slower attack speed and a have higher attack and magic strength. The following are categorized as long bows: Long Bow, Akat Long Bow, Dark Elven Bow, Soul Bow.

  • The price for arrows has been reduced. Their recipes and contents have been modified accordingly. Also, more arrows can be made from the same ingredients.
  • Bows and throwing spears now fly along a more realistic, parabolic path.
  • Monsters now drop a greater variety of items, at a slightly greater probability. The items from Spoil have not been changed.
  • Damage from polearms has been slightly reduced and their range has been slightly increased.
  • The magic casting speed has been increased from thirty to forty percent when using spirit shot.
  • The number of ingredients needed for making spirit shot has been slightly increased.
  • Blessed spirit shot and its recipe has been added. When using blessed spirit shot, the strength has been doubled.
  • New item sets have been added.

Name Upper Garments Lower Garments Helmet Gloves Boots Shield
Devotion Tunic of Devotion Stockings of Devotion Leather Helmet      
Mithril Mithril Breastplate Mithril Greaves Helmet     Hoplon
Knowledge Tunic of Knowledge Stockings of Knowledge   Gloves of Knowledge    
Manticore Manticore Leather Shirt Manticore Leather Greaves     Manticore Leather Boots  
Elven Mithril Mithril Tunic Mithril Stockings   Elven Mithril Gloves    
Enchanted Mithril Enchanted Mithril Shirts Enchanted Mithril Greaves     Enchanted Mithril Boots  
Chain Chain Mail Shirt Chain Greaves Steel Chain Hood      
Plated Leather Plated Leather Armor Plated Leather Greaves     Plated Leather Boots  
Composite Composite Armor   Composite Helmet     Composite Shield
Demon’s Demon’s Tunic Demon’s Stockings   Demon’s Gloves    
Theca Leather Theca Leather Mail Theca Leather Greaves     Theca Leather Boots  
Drake Leather Drake Leather Mail       Drake Leather Boots  
Full Plate Full Plate Armor   Full Plate Helmet     Full Plate Shield
Divine Divine Tunic Divine Stockings   Divine Gloves    





Dwarven Chain

Theca Leather

  • Items for wolves and hatchlings of level twenty and above have been added.
  • New spell books that correspond to the new skills have been added.
    Purchased in shops: Spellbook: Decrease Weight
    Obtained through a quest: Talisman: Heart of Paagrio
    Acquired by hunting monsters: Design Map: Summon Siege Golem, Spellbook: Mass Regeneration and Spellbook: Party Recall
  • The icons for the different types of spell books have been changed. Some armor and shield icons have also been changed.
  • Wooden gaiters are now sold in Orc shops as well as other shops.
  • Boat tickets for Giran Harbor — Talking Island can now be acquired from Wharf Managers Fallius and Pelton.
  • Because new areas have been added to the world of Aden, the territory range in the world map has been increased.
  • Because one-piece and two-handed items actually take up two slots when worn, the icons for each take up two slots now.
  • The appearances of the following items have been changed:
Aspis, Atuba Mace, Bow, Buzdygan, Crystal Staff, Crystallized Ice Bow, Doom Hammer, Dwarven Mace, Heavy Doom Axe, Mace of Judgment, Saber, Spiked Gloves, Spinebone Sword, Stick of Faith.

Bone Shield, Brigandine Shield, Bronze Shield, Buckler, Composite Shield, Chain Shield, Doom Shield, Dwarven Chain Shield, Full Plate Shield, Kite Shield, Knight Shield, Leather Shield, Eldarake, Hoplon, Plate Shield, Round Shield, Shield of Nightmare, Skeleton Buckler, Small Shield, Square Shield, Tower Shield.

Armor Sets
Chain: Boots, Gaiters, Gloves, Mail Shirt
Demon's: Boots, Gloves, Stockings, Tunic
Divine: Boots, Gloves, Stockings, Tunic
Dwarven Chain: Boots, Gaiters, Gloves, Mail Shirt
Karmian: Boots, Gloves, Stockings, Tunic
Mithril: Boots, Gaiters, Gloves, Shirt
Theca Leather: Armor, Boots, Gaiters, Gloves

  • Temporary graphics of other boots have been added for some boots that previously had no graphics:
      Drake Leather Boots, Rind Leather Boots, Dragon Leather Boots, Theca Leather Boots, Plated Leather Boots