Players submitted questions about Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood, the future of Lineage II, and more to the Lineage II development team. Read on for the answers to your pressing questions.

3. Developer Q&A - Chronicle 5: The Oath of Blood

The Lineage II Development Team

Silviera: Are there any plans to curb the inflation that L2 has seen over the past two years, or is NC maintaining a 'hands off' policy to the market?
Lineage II Dev Team : Hello Silviera! A solution for inflation in game is one of the most important issues that we consider every update, and we try to improve the in-game economy as much as possible. We will focus and add systems that can alleviate this concern.
Tillus: In what way do you propose to alleviate the grind from the repetitive system that is currently in the game? I know there is more solo fields within Chronicle 5 with the instant buff potions and all, but are there any other ways that you are looking in to the make the "grind" less repetitive?
Hello Tillus! We are planning to add a feature that alleviates the grind from the repetitive system. We cannot share any detailed information about it at this time.
Hammered: It has been stated in Chronicle releases that it will be made easier for players to solo. I haven't seen much evidence of this in terms of some key elements, e.g. subclass. Do you plan to make these sorts of elements easier for the solo/small party player?
Hello Hammered! We’ve added a few features that made easier for players to solo in Chronicle 5. After the release of Chronicle 5 in Korea, we feel the outcome of the boost was not as successful as what we expected. We will improve a system that helps players to solo.
Sovrath: Are there any plans to revisit the sieging system in order to "fine tune" it or introduce systems that keep it a desirable and highly sought after goal?
Hello Sovrath! The castle siege is one of the main themes of Lineage II. We are considering improving it noticeably in future updates.
L2Girl: Will trainable pets - specifically striders and wolves - eventually have more of a role in Lineage 2 rather than the general "for fun" attitude?
Hello L2Girl! We are aware the pets are not very effective, and we know that this is not the best situation, so there is good chance of them being improved.

The Throne of Rune Castle

uNDeRPaNTS_GNoMe: When … will Dwarves get PVE and PVP skills that are worthwhile? We have been [weakened] with craft shops and common craft.
Hello uNDeRPaNTS_GNoMe! We aim to improve the Dwarves more on the economic side of character development.
admiral_ju00: Any plans on adding things like Helmets with visual impact on the character?
Cuj0z: There are still issues for the implementation of capes?
Hello admiral_ju00 and Cuj0z! Currently, we are not considering the visible helmets that cover the face. Instead, many head accessories have been added and will continue to be added in the future. To give you secret information regarding visible armor, we haven’t given up on capes yet. :)
crushmaster: Is there an official word on how many chronicles are planned for L2?
Hello Crushmaster! Well, I am not sure if you are asking about an actual [expansion named] “Chronicle” or the expansions for Lineage II. I’ll just answer both. Chronicle 5 will be the last [major update named] “Chronicle” that we will launch. And as long as there are players who enjoy playing our game, we will keep updating Lineage II. I am personally curious about how many expansions Lineage II will have. :)
OlOrc: Are the new pets, i.e. the baby cougar, baby buffalo, and the baby bird thing, going to do something for us?
Hello OlOrc. We are considering improving the pets with distinct skills by levels.
TailChaser: Are there plans on reducing the percent experience loss on death at higher levels? Especially at the 70+ levels.
Hello TailChaser! We will consider it. For now, there is a system in Chronicle 5 that prevents you from losing experience in war zones.
Darkmotion: Do you have any plans to implement AFK automated messages?
Hello Darkmotion! This feature has not been requested by Korean players. But we don’t see any problem adding this system. We’ll consider it. :)
DMF: Are you thinking of remaking some really good items in game for example (S grade) to bind on players or an alliance?
Hello DMF! Currently, we are considering adding this system for valuable items.
Mistryl: What inspired the Demon Sword Zariche?
Hi Mistryl! Well, usually ideas come from meetings. But to tell you the truth, the Demon Sword Zariche idea came up while we were drinking.
Did you take player suggestions into consideration when working on this Chronicle?
Yes, of course and always. :)