The Lineage II team is back for more! The development team answers your questions about the future of Lineage II, class balancing, and more.

4. Developer Q&A #2 - Chronicle 5: The Oath of Blood

Antharas on the Drawing Board

Dashammer: Will the special ability Might Mortal ever be actually removed from all present daggers with the SA?
Lineage II Dev Team : Hello, Dashammer! The Mortal Strike (previously named Might Mortal) special ability made the dagger classes too strong and this change was made to balance this issue. But we are not planning to remove the existing daggers with the Mortal Strike special ability. We will leave them as is, rare items.
Balis: Will summons in the future be allowed to use potions/clan buffs/overlord buffs?
Hello, Balis!  Yes, we are trying to make this happen but due to the technical difficulties and the balancing issues, we need more time to implement this.
Balis: Will Pet SoulShot/SpiritShot/Blessed SpiritShot ever be craftable?
We don’t have plans for this in the near future.
Godson: Will there be any boost for Temple Knights? Are we going to be getting any new unique skills on the upcoming major update (after c5) as most of our skills are shared with other tank classes. Also what about our 3rd cubic?
Hello, Godson!  Temple Knights will get the long waited 3rd cubic soon, probably next major update.  :) We are planning on making other changes and improvements for the Temple Knight class.
ProdaznayaShkura: Any plans to add third buff row or other method to increase active buff amount?
Hello, ProdaznayaShkura!  The buff window system will be updated.  You will hear about this change soon.  :)
PvrJudas: Could we expect the Zariche sword to possibly have alternatives in the future, allowing perhaps not a sword itself, but blunts/duals/polearms/fists/bows with similar qualities?
Hello, PvrJudas!  Demonic weapons are designed to be a series of weapons.  The next Demonic weapon may be added in the next major update.  We can’t tell you the type though. :)
WaterHouse: During the last Q&A the Dev team stated that this would be the last update named Chronicle. What does this mean for future updates? What kind of updates will they be?
Hello, WaterHouse!  We are planning to add content that will change the Lineage II world.  This is why we are planning to use a new name for these updates.
Sovrath: It has been asked that you elaborate on what the future additions will be like since you stated that C5 was the last Chronicle.
Hello, Sovrath! There will be a lot of changes in the new update, but we can’t tell you the details at this time. 
Kruken: Is there any plans to raise the drop rate? Not xp/sp or adena just materials, parts and full items.
Hello, Kruken! We are planning to make more types of items drop.
Pixie_: With the new larger clan introduced in C5, are there any plans to increase the size of the Clan Warehouse?
Hello Pixie_! We don’t want to make the clan warehouse a “magic pocket” that holds everything. We feel that the size of the clan warehouse is adequate at this time. Please try to keep important items only in there. :)
WereGirl: Will there ever be any additional S grade items, especially Dual Swords since there is no SA variation with Duals like there is with other weapons?
Hi, WereGirl! Yes, we will keep adding items in future updates.
Balis: Why were summoner's servitors PVP damage reduced, when other classes do more damage then our servitors could ever do, example Archers and Mages easily out damage us. Also no other class has ever had this done to them, why summoners?
When looking at the statistics, we saw that summoners had a big advantage over non-summoners in PvP. That is why we made this change.
Xiver: What expansions or changes to you plan for the Seven Signs system in future to make it more appealing for players to join the Dusk side. What about the missing 4 Seals as only 3/7 are included yet?
Hello, Xiver! We are hoping that the Seven Signs will be competitive where both Dawn and Dusk compete aggressively. But the competition level varies on each server or in different territories, and so it’s hard to make a global change to the system. We are planning to add four more seals in future updates. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about them! :)
Xiver: What new Boss Mobs will await us in the future? I am especially thinking of Fafurion the Water Dragon which room in the Garden Of Eva is empty for far too long already.
Yes, we are planning to add the other dragons in future updates. More bosses will also be added.
CrushMaster: Do North America suggestions affect what may get implemented or is everything strictly Korea based? What does the KR market think of the NA market/play style?
Hello, CrushMaster! We get ideas from North America and all territories of Lineage II. We review these ideas and design the game with that feedback in mind.
JasonM: You've done a great job in supplying the players with accessories that give a unique appearance so far, will we continue to see unique items that let players express individuality in coming expansions?
Hello, JasonM! Yes, we are planning to add more accessories in the future.