As the Seven Seals that bind the power of Shilen, the goddess of death, are opened one by one, the world moves closer to the brink of chaos. Each Seal contains a great power that could cause the world to tremble. The one who opens the Seals can control the power contained within them. The Revolutionary Army of Dusk and the Lords of Dawn compete against each other toward this end. Players join one of these two cabals who vie for control over the power of the Seals.

An unlimited number of players can join the Seven Signs quest, which repeats in two-week intervals. Based on the results of the Seven Signs, players can change the status of their server.

Players participating in the Seven Signs gather their forces. The fight between the Cabals reflects the nature of the confrontation between those who hold a castle and those who do not. However, players who fail to make a second change of occupation fall into a "neutral group" and may participate in either the Dusk or Dawn side.

Seven Signs At A Glance

1. Choose Cabal
- Dusk
- Dawn
2. Choose Seal
- Avarice
- Gnosis
- Strife
3. Competiton Period
- Collecting Seal Stones
- Festival of Darkness
- Enjoy Seal Effects
- Stats Accrue